Sunday, 1 November 2009

Happy Halloween (warning - my ugly mug in pictures!)

Happy Halloween All

I hope you all had a GREAT time! I know we did :D
We all went to a creepy Halloween party and had a SCREAMMMMM!!!!!

Here I am dressed as a witch. I was meant to be a Gothic fairy but I couldn't get hold of any black wings in time (postal strike put the stopper on that one). I really went to town with the hair and make up and scarily, I quite liked my look too. I may have my hair like this next time I go out! Well maybe a little, lol!

My partner also got in on the act and dressed up in his suit! I was shocked when he came downstairs as he only ever wears a suit when he has to (wedding,
christenings, funerals). I think he looks hot in his suit! I whitened his face and added black around his eyes to finish the look.
We was about to leave when he found a bow tie in the pocket of the suit, don't know where they came from, but he said that he could wear that next year to finish the outfit off. It really is a cheesy 70's bow tie, very Bowfinger!!

Finally my little boy dressed up (as he should). We got him a tabard with a
skull on it! He still looks very cute, he he!!


hungeryjack said...

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rubbishknitter said...

awesome costumes! the wee man is very cute in his skull outfit!