Sunday, 18 July 2010

DFAD Freeform knit along and crochet along

I've been given the privilege of being Designer for the Day (DFAD) on GypsyDancers freeform frolic over at Ravelry and here's what I've come up with. This is for both.

Whilst trying to remember the rhyme that I'd sang in school many moons ago, I asked my twitter buds how it went. There were a couple of variations, One was to catch a tiger and the other an Indian. I remember the rhyme below as the one I sang in school.
I was also asked the question: what happens if the baby doesn't scream? well...I wouldn't drop the baby then would I! LOL

Week 13 DFAD instruction - July 18th 2010
My theme is picking, what to chose, I know I struggle with picking. So here’s a rhyme to help.
Iney, meany, miney, mo, 
catch a baby by its toe, 
if it screams, 
let it go, 
iney meany miney mo.
Now go gather your loose balls of yarn and line them up in a neat little line and say the rhyme pointing at each yarn as you say each syllable. Mo is the yarn your working with.
Do the same with all your needles.
Stitch amount.
The amount of words in the rhyme.
times the number in small by 7 for the month of July.
We’ve had some great instructions over the weeks. Lets use the rhyme to chose one. Maybe gather up all the ones you haven’t done, the ones that have worried you. Now say the rhyme with those and the one that lands on Mo is the one your doing.

If you'd like to do this instruction, just gather up all your fav patterns and say the rhyme to pick one.

Enjoy :D

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Freeform Update

I've been happily working away on my knit/crochet a long that I've been following over on 2 Ravelry groups and I thought I'd share with you my work so far. This is 12 weeks with 40 more to go.

Friday, 9 July 2010

My day at the Park

I don't often get to the park these days, but a few days ago I was given a wheelchair to use and I just had to give it a whirl and go to the park with my little boy. So yesterday we did. With my Mum pushing me for all she's worth we set off with my trusty camera and my little one whizzing around on his new scooter next to me.

The first place we visited was the duck pond. It had changed a bit since I'd last been there. Wild colourful flowers swayed in the breeze and little ducklings and their mums and dads swam around.

We then made our way to the play park where Bade really enjoyed himself.

On the way home, Bade chased a squirrel up a tree, the poor thing dropped his nut (the squirrel not Bade, lol)

And I got a bargain at the local charity shop :)

We had a really great day. Had lots of fun with my mum and brother Jim who chased Bade around the play park for me :D

When we got home, Bade fell asleep. Its the first time in a LONG time that he's had a nap before tea! We shall have to go to the park again and soon!