Tuesday, 20 April 2010

There are changes afoot!

You may have noticed something different, well...I've changed! Well the blog has anyway.
I really wanted to change my template to 3 columns but that meant I had to change everything!! These things never take 5 minutes, in fact it probably took me 3 hours!! Good Grief! Changing stuff takes FOREVER!!!

 After fiddling around with this and that, codes and other stuff I've not a clue about, I've finally finished, well, sort off....

You may have noticed that my lovely header has gone and is now a pretty butterfly. I do like butterflies but I loved my header even more. I tried sorting it out in the normal fashion, but to no avail. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this??  If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment and I'll try your ideas out.

Now that, that's all done, I'm going to make a daffodil for the Spring Cal I'm taking part in.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Peaceful Harmony Throw, Finally completed.

I've been working on this blanket since 21st October 2009 and its finally completed, washed, dried and given to my lovely SMum and Dad as a housewarming present.

It was supposed to be much larger than this, but after 66 rows, I'd had enough. After making that decision I felt happier in myself. I've added the border in the same green, which ties all the colours nicely together. All the yarn I've used are dk weight and acrylic.

My parents think its wonderful, which is the main thing. I hope it keeps them warm when the weathers cold for many years to come.

Jelibe's Peaceful Harmony throw Ravelry Page 

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ellifants and the 100th post giveaway

Elliefants is having a giveaway! Hooray! Lets Party! woo hoo! I do love a giveaway.

This is a very special giveaway as its her 100th blog post and there's a lot of goodies up for grabs to one lucky random winner. 

The more to tweet, blog, comment on her blog the more entries you get in the hat (see her blog for details) and that's why I'm doing this! 

You may have recently saw the stitch markers I bought from her in a recent post. Well...there's some in the giveaway too. Some little ladybugs this time and they are CUTE!!! 

I'm going to tweet my blog and blog my tweet and comment on her blog about my tweeting and blogging and both together. Don't let me put you off entering though, as she's using a random generator your chance is as good as mine and with these yummy prizes, why not give it a punt!

Cals a go go!

After my success with my first freeform cal, I've taken the plunge and signed up to a couple more cals (crochet alongs), I saw a couple, more like many!!! What have I let myself in for. I hope I can cope! I'm happy to be taking part in an ongoing crochet/knit along called knit a square, where each 8" square made goes to South Africa and sewn together to make warm blankets for orphans. If you'd like to find out more just click on the link, a contribution, no matter how small is grateful. If you can't knit or crochet you can donate. This helps the running costs and wages for the people who sew these squares together, thus helping the community as a whole.

I've also signed up to take part in another freeform cal on Ravelry and a tiny whale/daffodile cal. I really loved making my first freeform and didn't want the party to end so in starting a new freeform cal, I'm keeping in touch with the friends I've made and the laughter can continue. Anyways... I think they might miss me :D

I've made one of PlanetJune's Tiny Whales already but I really love them and the more the merrier as they say. You can't just make one.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Handmade Shopping Spree

I love shopping, I especially love it when its craft related and I went on a little spree this week on the net and bought a few things on the net.

I've wanted to get some wooden crochet hooks for a while now but as also I wanted to get a good bargain. I did just that. I got 3 (9,10 and 12mm) hooks from Scandinavian Knitting Design . They were only around £3.50 each and the postage was very reasonable. I was really impressed. Mr Postman delivered them in no time at all and I love using them :D They are really light and the yarn slides nicely on them.

 I was searching on Ebay the other day when I came across this beautiful specimen. This is a hand turned and carved wooden crochet hook. This is the description:   

I made this Crochet Hook out of African Gabon Ebony, Thuya burl and Black Ash Burl. The Thuya burl has a nice medium brown color with darker cluster burl eyes. The cream colored Box Elder Burl is a nice contrast between the Ebony and Thuya Burl. The segments of wood are bonded on a 45-degree angle. This crochet hook is a size “L” 7.0mm and is seven and one eighth inch long. 

This beautiful hook cost just $18.20 (£12.00) with $5.00 Postage. I think this is my most treasure possession and I'll treasure it forever (I may use it occasionally too).


I've always been fasinated with Etsy, but I've not had the courage til now to purchase anything from them. These gorgeous stitch markers got me to sign up and count my pennies.
If your ever on Etsy or like me, an Etsy virgin! You should definitely got over and see Ellifants shop over there and pick up some loveliness. These little markers are for me but I'm going to be checking other handmade buys for birthday and Christmas gifts in the future.

National Crochet Month FreeForm Crochet Along 2010

For the Month of March I've have been partying away, chatting to friends and taking part in this years Freeform Cal 2010. 

Everyday there was a designer for the day, who added a pattern to add onto our work. This could be anything and interpreted anyway we felt. We had days where we had to count all our plates and food in our fridge; were we had to count how many days we "make love" in the month (or how much we wished we could!); count the number of colours we are wearing (including underwear); or simply making rings. The different stitches were interesting and educational. I love learning new stitches and my favorite ones were the love knot (otherwise known as the solomon's knot) and star stitch.

I was given the honor of contributing a pattern on day 31. I chose to add a badge to our work and lots of beads.

I've made some wonderful friends this month on Ravelry and I hope to be involved with them in the future with a pass a round freeform cal that's in the ideas works. I've enjoyed this years cal sooo much that I'm looking back on previous years works and making more.

If you'd like to see more pictures Please take a look at  my Ravelry Freeform Page

Happy Hooking