Friday, 4 December 2009

A little bit of freeform

I went to my local library yesterday to collect a book I'd been longing for, for some time. The book in question is The encyclopedia of Tunisian crochet by Angela Grabowski. I started reading it and I was overwhelmed by just how many different stitches I could potentially make. I've only known about 4 so far.
As I was reading this amazing book, I came to the conclusion that I must buy this and I can see a few designs on the horizon that I can design. I was so excited by this I dug out a hook and tried out a few stitches and in the process I started to freeform. Going first one way, then the other, couple of single crochet then Tunisian knit, Simple or purl went in there. A few bits of everything seemed to go into it and when I sat back to see what I have made....a sock!! I couldn't believe it! I just had to laugh!! My lesson is: I've your bored, freeform! You never know what you might create!

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