Monday, 27 July 2009

Mrs Pacman and Googly Eye Ghosts stitch markers

MRS. PAC MAN AND GOOGLY EYE GHOSTS - STITCH MARKERS for knitting needles / crochet MR. PACMAN IS ALSO AVAILABLE by scarymerry on Etsy

Whist looking around for stitch markers to use for crochet I came across these little fellas and lady on Etsy. Its a shame a can't knit otherwise I'd get these. There soo cute.


Unique2wh0 said...

WOW!!! She hand sculpts them how cute they are. Did you see where she has that if you want them crochet convo her :) I have had someone do that for me and some charge a lil' extra to change to the crochet ones due to they are higher priced. Might wanna check it out they sure are cute and nicely made!!
Hey how is your pacman ghost coming along?

Jelibe said...

I've made the ghost and I'm making another one now. The first came out good but weird as I did it with a G hook so I'm making another one with an F hook. I'll post them when I'm done to compare them.