Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I've lost my stitching Mojo!

I love cross stitching, I really do! but lately I've not been into it. It's upsetting but I must follow the flow of what takes me and right now my new obsession is crochet! I've been really getting into it of late and I've made some cool and not so cool things (all will be posted in time :D). I've also learnt to knit this week so expect some really strange things popping up!
I want my cross stitching mojo back! I may get it back after Christmas! Talking about Christmas (no don't - who said that!!) I've just made a plum pudding and snowman tree ornament (pictures to follow soon when I find my camera). I've been obsessing about making Christmassy things this week! I'm a lost cause, I know I am, but what can you do!! I'm just going with the flow and seeing where it takes me! It can only end good.


Bad Fish said...

Whoa, crazy, I just came in here to encourage you to take a look at Wolfdreamer's blog, 'cause I just featured one of their projects on my page...and looks like you already know all about them, if your previous entry is any indication! lol Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

As for me and Christmas, I've got big plans. Ones that include hand made Mario stars for the tree. All video game themed, I think. Can't wait!

Jelibe said...

Our 10 year old suggested I make some mario stars. Its a great idea. some mushrooms will look great too.

johloh said...

you'll get it back...time off will bring it back.

Jelibe said...

I hope so, I've started thinking about it again now. I think I'll pick it up again in the spring/summer when the days are brighter.