Monday, 11 January 2010

Clothes for Ickle babes in need

As I mentioned in the last post, I've been hookin up a storm. Some of the things I've been making are for little babies. These are going to wing there way to a charity in Scotland called Loving Hands. The yarn I've used is James C Brett Super Soft baby 4 ply. At only £1.40 a ball its quite a bargain and lovely and soft for what I need for this project.
I've made a baby blanket using a basic granny square technique, in Lemon and Lilac and finished it with an edge from Crochet Edges and Trims by Susan Smith and a conical shell from the same book.

I've also made some little lilac baby booties and lemon and lilac bib too.

As I've grown more confident with my crochet skills I thought I'd try and make a jumper (as I'm on a roll). This is done is Tunisian Crochet which makes the stitches really soft and squidgy.

And last but no means least I've make a little cardigan which was really lovely to make.

Special thanks go to Jill for her basic granny square blanket, Danielle Urschel for her Spiral booties pattern over at Ravelry, Bernet design studio for the everyday set (bib), for th Tunisian Jumper and finally special thanks to the person who made the cardigan pattern (I failed to keep track of were I found this).

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