Monday, 22 March 2010

Star Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

I wanted to make a blanket using my favorite stitch, the Star Stitch, but I couldn't find one. Maybe I just didn't look hard enough but it gave me the spark to make the pattern (and the blanket) for myself. This blanket is for my Sister Ruth who is having her first baby this year. I love you sis, this is dedicated to you, with lots of love.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
You can ask me through my blog or over at (jelibe) or tweet me (jelibee)
Have fun and please tell me how you got on, I’d love to see.
You can sell what you make but PLEASE don’t sell the pattern or claim as your own. You can link it back to me. Thank you.
Here is the PDF, Enjoy: download now

6.50mm K Hook
Any DK worsten weight yarn. I used Robin 400g yarn. Finished blanket weighs in at 317g.
Sewing needle (for weaving in ends)

Special Stitch: Star Stitch

Make a chain, draw up a loop in the 2nd chain from hook and again in the next 5 chains, yarn over and pull yarn through all loops on hook, chain 1, put hook into the eye of the chain 1 and draw up a loop, put hook into chain of last chain that you drew up a loop on last star and draw up a loop, draw up a loop in next 3 chains, yarn over and pull yarn through all loops on hook, chain 1 and repeat process.

Pattern In American terms.

Chain 114
Row 1: Star Stitch to the end, draw a loop through last eye and in last chain (from last star), ch 1, turn.

Row 2: 3 sc in eye of star and in each eye across, slip stitch in last stitch, ch 2, turn (37 stars).

Repeat rows1 - 2 till you have 62 rows, ending with row 2. At end of row 2, chain 1 instead of 2 and turn.

Small scalloped edging

Rd 1: sc in each stitch to the corner (111 sc), 3 sc in the corner, sc across to the next corner (92 sc), 3 sc in the corner, sc across to next corner – make sure you go through each chain (111 sc), 3 sc in corner, sc across to next corner (92 sc), 3 sc in corner.

Rd 2: sc in the first stitch, 2 dc in same stitch, skip a stitch, slip stitch in next stitch, * sc, 2 dc in next stitch, skip 1 stitch, slip stitch in next. Repeat from *. In corners do (sc, 2 dc, sc) in same stitch.
Note : If you get to the end of the row, 1 stitch before the corner, just slip stitch in that stitch and carry on.
Join with a slip stitch in the first sc. FASTEN OFF.


Sandytoo said...

That came out great, Jelibe! I remember making something with the star stitch many years ago but I cant remember what it might have been a potholder. It is a pretty stitch! Your sis will love the blanket!

Ellie79 said...

This blanket is beautiful!! Well done!

vivian said...

I love this stitch, although I am not an avid crocheter, I do prefer it to knitting and want to try this...thank you for the pattern.
Do want to point out that there is an error in your pdf pattern....When you say repeat rows 1 and 2...the pdf says repeat rows 2 and 3 (and there is not 3)...I know what you mean tho.....vivian

Anonymous said...

I just started this stitch and am loving it but have a question......I always crochet with 2 strands at once. After the 2 rows ( 1 full star stitch) I am finding that my complete row twists. Will this straighten out as I make more rows? I don't want to continue with hours of work if it never stops curling. Am I doing something wrong?


Anonymous said...

I know this is an old pattern. I need to ask a question about the last stitch. Am I to draw a loop thru the eye of the star and drap a loop thru the last chain, that will leave me with 3 loop on my hook should I then pull through and chain 1. Or can I just make a half double chain at the end

Jelibe said...

Yes it will straighten up. Sorry my reply is late, I hope it worked out for you.

Jelibe said...

Ok, repeat rows 1 + 2 till you have 62 rows, then slip stitch in last St and chain 1 (instead of 2) and turn. Do not fasten off. Your now ready to do the edging. I hope this helps.