Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year and My 2011 Resolution

I hope you all have a wonderful year

My New Years resolution is to go on a diet and loose some weight.
I know that resolutions are renound for only lasting a few days but I've been determined to do this all Christmas and I'm going to start as of tomorrow.
It's going to be a long journey as I can't exercise (I would rather be doing that than dieting), but I'm sure I shall prevail in my endevors.

My diet is call:

Cut the Crap Out Diet

Basically I cut out all the tempting yummy treats; biscuits, chocolates, chips, etc. and instead eat only stuff that is good for me.
I do like the healthy stuff so this shouldn't be too bad but I do get bad cravings for chocolate that I shall have to watch out for.

Are there any good healthy recipes that you can recommend?

Please post your suggestions in the comment box, I'd love to try them.

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Mr F Pints (wink wink) said...

Just try cutting one item out per week so you do not miss everything at once and risk quitting the diet. Happy new year!! Keep up the blogging it's always good to read!