Friday, 4 February 2011

January Musings

I've been neglecting my blog since new year, I'm so sorry, I shall have to try harder.

I have been working hard on my diet (I've lost 4 pounds during January, Yay!), but I must keep it up. I know I can do it but I've been craving naughty food all week, my will power is holding fast but just about. I've also noticed that my energy levels have risen a bit and I think this might be down to my diet. I have fish and chips last weekend (a treat for my little boy) and the day after I felt quite sluggish so I won't be doing that again any time soon.

I've also had my haircut, its really short. I've had it short before but I think this is the shortest.

I've also finished the Doctor Who scarf I made for my brother @Fr3ck5. I'll post about that next time.

Other than that I've been mostly knitting and gaming. I'm really into knitting socks right now but I'm still scared of circular knitting (I know how to, the needles are always too long though), so I've been making them on straights and there turning out nicely.

Happy Crafting


Linda w said...

Love the new do, and congrats on losin 4lb. The Dr who scarf, is this a Tom Baker slyle Dr Who scarf then. Hugs lin

Jelibe said...

yep its a Tom Baker dw scarf :) the pattern for it is from :)

Bailey said...

Hi Jelibe!

I found this bib ( on the Sprite Stitch blog, and it said thanks to Johloh and Jelibe for the patterns. I've contacted Johloh--did you create this pattern?

I tracked it down once, and now I can't find it again! :/

Thanks so much, I love your stuff! Feel free to visit my blog sometime: