Thursday, 20 August 2009

Crafting update! Bargain Buys and published works!

I've been working on a pdf called 101 granny squares (ty Mini @ CFL) and I'm really enjoying myself. I'm quite hooked on crocheting now, so as a treat yesterday I went to the charity shop to see what I could find in bargain yarn and I came up trumps!!!

I got to big bags of assorted yarn for £5 (that's about $8.25). In it I got a cone of light blue yarn, some small bright balls, some balls of sport weight yarn, a few balls of mohair and some fluffy yarn (one is called rainbow wicked ostrich yarn) in blue and black. I think I got quite a deal and my partner is happy cause I don't need to spend money on yarn for a while :)

I'd like to give a big hug and kiss to Johloh for displaying my cross stitch of Pitt (his pattern) on his blog at SpriteStitch. I love it when I see my work published :)

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Mini said...

Sounds like we've lured another to the yarn side :)