Saturday, 27 February 2010

Variations of a Theme Afghan

At the start of this year, Carolyn Christmas  over at Gourmet Crochet started a crochet along with style. The Theme was variations on shells and was to be an afghan (blanket).

I loved the idea of making this for a housewarming gift for my brother Mark, so I signed up to this straight away.

Each day Carolyn posted up a pattern of a square (each one different) and 4 variations of rectangles, until we built up a sizeable blanket.  A choice of joining the squares was posted too. I went for the flat braid join. This meant no ridgeing on the rear of the blanket. A boarder was the last things to hook around the blanket which really made the piece look great.
I mostly used yarn from my stash, but when I did the boarder I used a dark purple. I felt this tied all the colours together and my brother and his gf like purple, so that was handy :D