Friday, 25 June 2010

Happy 4th Birthday

It was my little one's 4th Birthday this week and we celebrated with a party with some of his friends.

He really wanted a Sporticus Costume and that's just what he got. I also made him a cake. Victoria sponge with Strawberry Jam, Strawberries and Double Cream for the filling YUM!

We had a great spread as well,

By the end I was pulling my hair out!

It was all worth it in the end. A great day, great weather, great friends and family and great food.

Special thanks goes to my friend and neighbour Toni for all her help and taking the photos and to my Bro Mark and Louise for all their help on the day and finally to my bro Paul running me round at the last minute! I couldn't have done it without you guys :D

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The Loves said...

Awww. You're totally welcome.. Had a lovely time and watching Bade and seeing his face was priceless =o)