Thursday, 1 April 2010

Handmade Shopping Spree

I love shopping, I especially love it when its craft related and I went on a little spree this week on the net and bought a few things on the net.

I've wanted to get some wooden crochet hooks for a while now but as also I wanted to get a good bargain. I did just that. I got 3 (9,10 and 12mm) hooks from Scandinavian Knitting Design . They were only around £3.50 each and the postage was very reasonable. I was really impressed. Mr Postman delivered them in no time at all and I love using them :D They are really light and the yarn slides nicely on them.

 I was searching on Ebay the other day when I came across this beautiful specimen. This is a hand turned and carved wooden crochet hook. This is the description:   

I made this Crochet Hook out of African Gabon Ebony, Thuya burl and Black Ash Burl. The Thuya burl has a nice medium brown color with darker cluster burl eyes. The cream colored Box Elder Burl is a nice contrast between the Ebony and Thuya Burl. The segments of wood are bonded on a 45-degree angle. This crochet hook is a size “L” 7.0mm and is seven and one eighth inch long. 

This beautiful hook cost just $18.20 (£12.00) with $5.00 Postage. I think this is my most treasure possession and I'll treasure it forever (I may use it occasionally too).


I've always been fasinated with Etsy, but I've not had the courage til now to purchase anything from them. These gorgeous stitch markers got me to sign up and count my pennies.
If your ever on Etsy or like me, an Etsy virgin! You should definitely got over and see Ellifants shop over there and pick up some loveliness. These little markers are for me but I'm going to be checking other handmade buys for birthday and Christmas gifts in the future.

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