Thursday, 1 April 2010

National Crochet Month FreeForm Crochet Along 2010

For the Month of March I've have been partying away, chatting to friends and taking part in this years Freeform Cal 2010. 

Everyday there was a designer for the day, who added a pattern to add onto our work. This could be anything and interpreted anyway we felt. We had days where we had to count all our plates and food in our fridge; were we had to count how many days we "make love" in the month (or how much we wished we could!); count the number of colours we are wearing (including underwear); or simply making rings. The different stitches were interesting and educational. I love learning new stitches and my favorite ones were the love knot (otherwise known as the solomon's knot) and star stitch.

I was given the honor of contributing a pattern on day 31. I chose to add a badge to our work and lots of beads.

I've made some wonderful friends this month on Ravelry and I hope to be involved with them in the future with a pass a round freeform cal that's in the ideas works. I've enjoyed this years cal sooo much that I'm looking back on previous years works and making more.

If you'd like to see more pictures Please take a look at  my Ravelry Freeform Page

Happy Hooking

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Toni said...

That looks awesome!! and i LOVE the little badge.. So cute.. Glad you've had fun doing it.. who knows, maybe i'll be good enough to take part in next years =o)