Sunday, 23 October 2011

NerdWars - Team Stargate Command - Giving Geeks

Answering the Giving Geeks Challenge for NerdWars T3 Month 1.

I decided to buy something from Sue Rider Care as they have a charity shop in my town. I don’t have much but I give what I can when I can.

I visited them today and found this dvd in there. It’s been on my dvd must have list forever and I’ve finally got it for my collection. I don’t generally buy brand new if I can find it in there. It may take some time but its worth the surprise as I never know what I might find.

The Breakfast Club. Get In!! :D
Team Tie in: Sam Carter’s Dad was diagnosed with cancer and it was terminal. He didn’t have much time left and was being cared for in hospital.
SG-1 had got in touch with the Tok’ra, an off shoot from the Gao’uld but not evil like them, to seek out an alliance. The Tok’ra thought an alliance meant that they wanted to “blend” (become hosts) with them. This is a symbiotic relationship between both Tok’ra and human giving them strength, long life and the ability to heal most ailments in a human. Unlike a Gao’uld that takes over the host.
Cutting a long story short, Sam Carter’s Dad was asked to become a host to Selmak, the leader of the Tok’ra who’s previous host was coming to the end of her life. 
Selmak healed him and they lived quite happy with each other.

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