Sunday, 23 October 2011

NerdWars - Team Stargate Command - Team Spirit

I made these for the Team Spirit Challenge "you say its your birthday". Were we make something for a character in our given Teams program.

I chose to make these circle socks for Walter in Stargate Command. He's the guy who dials the Stargate to other worlds. He's very cool in my opinion (just don't let him talk your ear off), so deserves a nice comfy pair of socks that look like little Stargates :D

As you can see I've modelled them on myself and I love them very much.

I made them with my new 2.25mm circular needles and Schoppel-Woole Admiral Ombre Yarn I got from Sock Yarn Shop.

I also got the pattern from Ravelry. Its a free download from Anne Campbell.

I love these socks. There so comfy, I'm wearing them right now. I think we are going to live happily ever after :D

1 comment:

faith76 said...

Love the colour used in those socks. Great finish!

Leah x